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Jamie Mc Donald Shares Stripped-Back and Meaningful EP ‘Small Pictures’

The keen reader might remember Irish troubadour Jamie Mc Donald. In an interview we did with him earlier this year, we proudly described the project as “laying sharp and witty storytelling on a bed of gritty guitars and pure, unfiltered rock and folk stamina”. We stand by our words: Mc Donald is a visceral songwriter, able to evoke a strong reaction in his listeners. 

‘Small Pictures’ is his latest effort, an intimate, stripped-back EP which sees him focusing on an evocative acoustic guitar and his nuanced, vibrant vocals. The result is 5 immediate, witty songs exploring the ins and outs of our modern reality. From being true to ourselves to the complexities of identity-driven conflicts. Jamie’s witty and soothing melodies resonate with a certain pathos and energy over the steady and minimalistic guitar work. 

Overall, that’s quite a refreshing record – simple, yet meaningful and complex. Speaking about the album, Mc Donald explains: “With world events on the forefront of my mind, ‘Small Pictures’ is a collection of songs to put humanity back into human affairs”.

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