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Gaby K Returns with Dark and Introspective Single ‘Not Right’

We are certainly familiar with Gaby K; Active in the UK pop landscape, the talented songstress has long been hypnotizing listeners globally, thanks to incredibly luscious vocals, passionate songwriting, and evocative R&B incursions. We last heard of her in February, upon the release of ‘Get to Love You’ EP. Now, Gaby K returns with a new record and seems to be turning a page, shifting from soulful pop to decisively darker and vibrant territories. 

‘Not Right’ is exactly that; drenched in jungle grooves and electronic textures, the production keeps the stamina high throughout the whole piece, providing a stark contrast with Gaby’s relatable and introspective vocals. While she manages to still retain her soul and R&B roots, especially in her melodies and delivery, the lyricism around the record shines a light on a period of personal turmoil, something that’s perfectly mirrored in ‘Not Right’.

As Gaby K explains: “I wrote this track when I was going through a bit of a dark time, I didn’t know what I was doing with my life and coming to the end of my 20s, I spiralled a little, with the pressure of how I should know where my life is going.”

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