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James Burt Unveils Electrifying Cover Version of ‘Space Age Love Song’

We have always appreciated everything retro, especially regarding synthwave and synthpop. That’s why we were eagerly excited to hear James Burt’s latest effort, a cover of ‘Space Age Love Song’, originally released by legendary British new wave outfit A Flock of Seagulls. A nostalgia-filled, hypnotising sonic journey, the record makes its way to Musical Olympus with a tight arpeggiated bass, 80s-style guitar tones, and punchy, noisy drum beats. 

Burt’s vocals adapt to the sonic framework exceptionally well, really helping the passionate and honest lyricism resonate with listeners. Turns out, infatuation was a thing even in the 80s, with ‘Space Age Love Song’ being a relatable take on fleeting love. James really delivers here, confirming his refined and nuanced artistry, perhaps already quite clear in last year’s pop hit ‘Sing That Song’. What’s next for the British talent? There’s no telling, although we are confident it’s going to be a rather high (and heavenly) place.

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