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Jaime Travezán Shares Witty and Luscious Banger ‘Straight People Can Be Cured’

Dance music often needs to be luscious, proud, and forward-thinking. It needs to be sensual, creating an atmosphere that will supercharge your nightclub-filled escapes. Jaime Travezán knows it well, championing a personal style bordering EDM, House and Techno, blending commercial vibes with witty and eclectic lyricism. Take for instance ‘Straight People Can Be Cured’, the project’s latest effort. 

In it, the listener (or the punters) will be met with a dynamic, hypnotising and intimate banger, delivering an answer to the harmful and ignorant belief that homosexuality can be cured. Based in Barcelona, Travezán seems to have clear ideas about what he’s producing, often using ethereal and dark electronic matter to highlight complex and relevant lyricism. 

The track’s production is top-notch, with a groovy and punchy drum beat, 80s-flavoured synth arpeggio, monastery-style choir samples, and alluring spoken words. Travezàn’s vocal incursions are confident and playful, with his lyrics being a pointed response to the damaging rhetoric that LGBTQ+ individuals face. The song feels like a celebration of queerness and a call to resist harmful stereotypes and beliefs.

Taken from the album ‘Everybody Is So Funny’, ‘Straight People Can Be Cured’ is a fantastic addition to Travezàn’s discography and a standout track that showcases his charming sound and lyrical wit. It’s a fun and empowering anthem that will get you dancing and thinking at the same time.

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