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Cliffs + Caves Share Hopeful and Nostalgic Gem ‘Eso Si Que Es’

We had no idea about who Cliffs + Caves were. Upon discovering them, we suddenly entered their soothing, folk and pop-inspired world of relatable, nostalgic lyricism, blessed by an incredible vocal prowess. Emerging from Houston, Texas, the American project is a mother-daughter duo, a feature that frankly we are not sure we have ever come across before. The alchemy between Cliffs + Caves is palpable, really supercharging their artistic formulas. 

‘Eso Si Que Es’ is the project’s latest effort. In it, the listener will be met with crystalline, gentle and heartwarming guitar tones, showcasing a strong fingerstyle performance. What really makes the track shines is the way the American pair layers their angelic and mellow vocals into a thousand bucolic harmonies, really drawing the listeners into their magical universe. 

Providing escapism from a reality that might feel too hard for a lot of people, Cliffs + Caves explores themes of love, loss, grief and empathy, empowering the listeners towards growth and reckoning. A certain sense of optimism and hope, echoing the ‘It is what it is’ multiple times (the title is the relative Spanish translation).

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