Imelda Gabs Showcases Her Fantastic Vocals in ‘Thieves’

We wouldn’t easily forget about Imelda Gabs. First reaching our musical radars a few months ago, the Swiss talent showcased a knack for cinematic, anthemic records, aided by her peculiar and nuanced vocal tone. Writing about her previous single ‘Reckless’, we proudly declared: “the record is perhaps Gabs’ most relevant effort to date, instantly putting her on the map not just as a talented singer, but also as a well-rounded creative.”

Now, the Lausanne resident returns to the international scenes, sharing a single that takes guidance from her previous material while expanding the discourse in a more popular and commercial direction. ‘Thieves’ is an absolute gem: channelling a minimal yet intense electronic production, Gabs blends alternative vibes with more mainstream formulas, resulting in a track that feels very relatable while still maintaining its authentic and groundbreaking character. 

As soon as ‘Thieves’ starts, we can appreciate Imelda’s refined and evocative vocal tone, shining so bright against a backdrop of a poignant piano. Further on, as the instrumental pressure increases, Gabs shifts into superstar mode, sharing a chorus that feels massive yet reflective. Another fantastic offering from the Swiss-Congolese talent. 

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