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Ian Roland Praise The Healing Powers of Nature in ‘The Wood Wide Web’

What Ian Roland offers us is a monumental album, an opera magna of sorts. We don’t say that lightly: the Brighton resident manages to craft a collection of songs that draw an imaginary line between the healing power of nature and the destructivity of the human race, hinting that – whenever things get out of control, mother earth always finds a way to re-balance the outcome, wherever that might be. 

‘The Wood Wide Web’ takes its name from the intricate web of roots and fungi standing underneath forests and woods, using it as a metaphor for the greater circle of nature. Sonically, Roland navigates acoustic folk and mellow pop, incorporating guitars, light drums and a charming violin into slow-paced, soothing arrangements, the perfect vehicle for his refined lyricism. 

We’ll let you (the reader) wander free into ‘The Wood Wide Web’, but we’ll point out a few tracks we feel are particularly relevant. ‘In It For The Ride’ features a magical duet with a female voice, highlighting Roland’s evocative and dynamic tone. ‘New Life’ offers the perfect anthemic resolution, perhaps one of the punchiest tracks in the album. ‘Giant!’ plays on rhythmically excessive material, showcasing Ian’s ability to vary his base style. Once the chorus hits, it’s a triumph of choral fireworks. 

Overall, a worthy record, don’t sleep on it! 

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