Discover Waverly Drive’s Hypnotising Sonic Formula

It’s in the name: Waverly Drive’s music is made for travelling, for escapism, for finding a slice of heaven when you need it most. Take for instance ‘Darlin’, one of the project’s most influential and popular singles. In it, we are able to dive into the sonic euphoria and understated madness that underlines Waverly Drive, a sort of constant pulsating energy, driving the track forward while hypnotising the listeners, taking them into an alternative universe where the sky is made up of a thousand colours, animals fly and people are happy. 

Suddenly though you’ll have to stop dreaming, because the song finishes in a mere two minutes. A short burst of energy releasing the intense and uplifting power we long for. Lucky for us, we can always rewind and play it again! We do so, fearlessly. Introduced by a very new wave-y drums – minimal, steady, quite lo-fi – ‘Darlin’ soon evolves into a full-fledged indie anthem, entering vintage keys and saturated guitars. Waverly Drive’s vocals float freely in what’s an already compelling musical recipe. 

Headed by solo musician Phil Galloni, Waverly Drive is a personal endeavour, the artistic vision of a sole, very talented creative. Thanks for that Phil, we’ll be following you!  

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