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Goldschatz Unveil Beautiful Folk EP ‘Twin Flame’

Goldschatz are a pretty peculiar duo. Fitting the definition of a ‘power couple’, both in artistic and romantic terms, the two have spent their time travelling around the Canadian wilderness in their van, writing songs that feel enlightened, soothing and drenched in introspection. Formed by Swizz troubadour Timothy Jaromir and Canadian songstress Rykka, the project has recently unveiled a stunning folk EP, ‘Twin Flame’. 

Over five evocative tracks, Goldschatz build a fictional world made up of idyllic arpeggiated guitars, country-style fiddles and the most amazing vocal harmonies. Blending their vocals with ease and charm, the pair really manage to deliver a sonic panorama that feels solemn, almost celebrative, the perfect output for their relatable lyricism. 

Speaking about the record, Goldschatz explain: “Twin Flame’ is a term used by poets to express the connection between two people who share the same soul. When two such souls meet, there is an intense magnetic attraction and connection. This mesmerising pull can be felt throughout our music and in our live performances”

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