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Holy Høly and NUN Concoct Spellbinding New Single ‘From The Ashes’

Last month, we at Mesmerized fell head over heels for a tune called ‘Common’. Courtesy of Kraków-based composer, pianist, bassist, and vocalist Holy Høly, we proudly labelled the track a “visionary piece of art”. Having waited patiently to hear from the gifted artist again, Holy Høly now returns with ‘From The Ashes’, a song that sees her teaming up with Olaf Karbowiak, better known as NUN.

With Olaf on production and Holy on vocals and the Rhodes piano, what we get is a dark and experimental piece of music that sways from trip-hop to cinematic electronica to art-pop. Truthfully, it’s a tune that simply has to be experienced and savoured to be fully understood and appreciated. Immersive, haunting, and deeply atmospheric, ‘From The Ashes’ evokes a profound sense of introspective wonder.

Holy Høly (real name Ewa Baran) is one of the most intriguing musicians we have come across in some time. Her other projects include Regresja (acid jazz), Superid (post-rock), and She Fits Me (downtempo electro trip-hop). It’s safe to say that her diverse musical ventures make her a truly multifaceted talent, and one that we couldn’t be more proud to follow and champion!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘From The Ashes’ on Spotify now:


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