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Bunny Alex Returns with Poppy Anthem ‘Breaking My Own Heart’

We are certainly familiar with Bunny Alex! Based in Liverpool, the talented songstress kickstarted her artistic journey only last year, yet managing to amass a sizeable following, perhaps thanks to her disarming vocals and relatable songwriting. At a closer look, everything about the project speaks volumes about Alex’s enlightened creativity: from the indie-bedroom pop of her debut episode ‘Habits’, to the anthemic vibes of her previous single ‘Soft Spot’.

Now, ‘Breaking My Own Heart’ sees Bunny Alex back on the global scene, reiterating her constant growth and nuanced evolution. If she started as a rather alternative outfit, the cards are now shifting in favour of a mainstream sound. A powerful anthem, ‘Breaking My Own Heart’ sits at the intersection of nostalgia and hope, embarking on an introspective journey around the many ways we tend to limit and damage ourselves. 

Built on soothing electronic tones and mellow beats, ‘Breaking My Own Heart’ signals the incredible level Bunny Alex has now reached: she’s ready for bigger audiences. Speaking about the track, she explains: “A song made for sunny weather, long road trips, afternoons stuck in daydreams and days that feel like movie scenes. Its sincere lyrics touch on self-sabotage and self-love”.

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