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Gaby K Shares Personal EP ‘Get to Love You’

We last wrote about Gaby K last year, declaring ‘What Have I Done’ “charismatic, with a sizeable feeling of melancholia”. Now, the London-based songstress unveils a stunning EP, ‘Get to Love You’, a modern blend of electronic pop and dynamic R&B, all declines following Gaby K’s personal sensibility. Relatable lyricism is spread around evenly over six tracks, embracing the listeners with groovy drums, shiny textures and evocative, luscious vocals. 

The result is a record that never lets go; a dreamy and empowering EP, ‘Get to Love You’ keeps the intensity high, accompanying the listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of love and relationships. Poignant yet fierce, Gaby K speaks her truth with intention and bold character, penning authentic and honest songs. 

As she explains: “Although the journey starts with falling in love with someone, this is just the beginning of how I grew to be the person I am now; alone, happy and I have finally found love for myself as an individual.  I still have me and I am enough.”

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