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Herald K Returns with Evocative Folk Album ‘Mythologies’

The keen reader might remember Herald K, gifted singer-songwriter with a knack for evocative and soothing pieces, firmly planted in a slightly dark folk aesthetic. We recently wrote about ‘Echo’s Song’, a charming collaboration between him and Lina Louise. Praising the record, we proudly declared: “Herald K boasts a deep, grounded and relaxing vocal tone” – a feature that’s still very relevant, especially when it comes to the Norwegian talent’s new effort, a stunning album titled ‘Mythologies’. 

Now based in Vienna, Herald K has always exhibited an unmatched curiosity in its lyricism: whether it is exploring personal experiences, socials dogmas, or literature and historical storytelling, his artistic output will often surprise and hypnotise the listener, initiating a cathartic journey into the singer’s own cultural references. 

‘Mythologies’ is first and foremost the final point of a release cycle which started last year, now materialising into a long and magical album, spanning 10 tracks of  ‘noir folk’ goodness. Acoustic guitar, fiddles and Herald K’s vocals crown the sonic formula, giving a real sense of ‘gravitas’ to the many tales of Mythological nature, sourced from different origins and ancient civilizations. You’ll realize how it’s all a generous exploration of human behaviours and consciousness: after all, is that not what mythology is about? 

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