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Butterfly Garden Share Debut Album ‘This Was Gonna Last’

There’s a certain aura of shoegaze around Butterfly Garden, although drenched in indie punchiness and overall fierceness. We certainly dig it: blending fuzzy guitars and introspective lyricism, the group showcases a pretty interesting sonic formula. Emerging from the Jersey Shore, the American outfit unveiled their debut album earlier this year, ‘This Was Gonna Last’, a collection of nine songs exploring post-punk, indie and grunge while maintaining a certain friendliness and relatability. 

Released via Moto Records, ‘This Was Gonna Last’ is one of the best guitar-based albums we have heard this year. There’s something irresistible about it: perhaps is the blend between distortion and emotional matter, a certain haunting and melancholic outlook that draws the listener in while calling for general euphoria and escapism. There’s something for everyone, too: opening number ‘17’ will appease the quieter listeners, also highlighting Butterfly Garden’s lead vocals, so evocative yet controlled. ‘Bradley’, on the other hand, features heavier guitars and a grunger vibe. 

Speaking about the record, the band explains: “We are extremely proud of our debut album. This album is the culmination of years of work together as a band with lyrics that are derived from our personal experiences that have shaped each of us as individuals. We have all learned that life is full of love and pain, but through it all we have learned it is most important to hold some love for yourself”. 

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