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Draumr Returns with Kaleidoscopic Gem ‘In A Daze’

We last heard of Draumr in 2020, when the project’s debut album ‘Drawn-Out Daydream’ saw the light of day. It was a stunning record: gooey dream-pop, gentle psych tones and a certain surf indie attitude, all drenched in the French talent’s evocative and retro-flavoured vocals. Hard not to be impressed by such an eclectic and kaleidoscopic collection of sonic goodness. Draumr kept a low profile since then, with no music on the horizon. Until recently. Earlier this year, the Paris creative gave us a sign that he’s still very much the artist we used to know. 

‘In A Daze’ signals the project’s return to the music scene, doing so with a gloriously good single, still firmly planted in the previous album’s sonic references while exhibiting a slightly more upbeat flair. That certainly works for us – introduced by a lo-fi, haunting drone, the record soon jumps into retro territories, pairing 80s bell synthetisers with disco-derived beats. Naturally, there are glimpses of French House and French Touch, showcasing Draumr’s ability to draw from different influences in the writing process. 

It’s quite interesting how ‘In A Daze’ does feel like a new chapter, yet it is still very much tied to Draumr’s past. We take it as a sign that there’s a clear artistic identity behind the whole record, a rare sight these days. 

Recommended! Discover ‘In A Daze’ on Spotify and Youtube, and look out for more music to be released later this year: 


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