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Herald K and Lina Louise Share Collaborative Ballad ‘Echo’s Song’

We have been saying it a lot recently, but we’ll say it again: collaboration often brings the best results. Nothing better than two (or more) talented creatives getting together to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, expanding the field of their artistry. That’s exactly what Herald K and Lina Louise have been doing, time and time again. Both singer and songwriters living in Vienna, the pair have been recording together on multiple occasions, namely on ‘Light Of Your Eyes’ (2019) and ‘Arethusa’ (2020). 

Now, Herald K and Lina Louise return with yet another collaboration, joining forces on an acoustic delight, ‘Echo’s Song’. Built over delightful arpeggios, gentle acoustic guitar and poignant piano riffing, the record is the perfect environment for the two singers’ vocals. Herald K boasts a deep, grounded and relaxing tone, the perfect accompaniment to Louise’s soulful, melodious and ethereal voice. The spoken word approach to the lyrical content makes for a unique and cinematic piece, drawing the listener into its complex storytelling. 

Describing the inspiration behind ‘Echo’s Song’, Herald K explains: “The song was written on a summer’s day, sitting on a park bench. The words came to me very fast, and I had the basic lyric down in about an hour or so. It was meant to only be a poem, but later I realized I could add melody to it and make it into a ballad…” 

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