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Major Kami Team Up with Sarah Jay Hawley on ‘Wild Bo…’

We have been writing a lot about Major Kami on our pages, recently. The project is a highly successful collaborative work, organized by Denis Expert, French producer and synth connoisseur, together with collaborator Dan Burkhart. Both members of collective DAMde8, the pair drive the latest release by Major Kami, ‘Wild Bo…’ a deeper exploration of electronic soundscapes and evocative songwriting. To do so, the record features two vocal guests, one being the usual suspect Major Kami herself, talented vocalist based in Singapore, and the legendary SJ Hawley, from the mighty Massive Attack. 

Writing about the project a few months ago, we tried to offer a picture of the complex and convoluted arrangements crafted by the project, often with a touch of experimental flair. ‘Wild Bo…’ is no exception. Introduced by hypnotising, dark and gloomy electronica, the track continues into its haunting attitude while providing the perfect framework for Sarah Jay Hawley’s anthemic and cinematic vocals, hugging the track in ethereal and timeless energy. 

The results are staggering: even proceeding to the other two originals contained in the record, ‘Smuggle in The Strange’ and ‘Modern Love’, one can’t help but be mesmerized, taken aback by the magnitude of Major Kami’s sonic depth. 

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