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John Carcer Finds Refuge into Mellower Bays in ‘brutalfantasy’

Warning: this is not a record for everyone! If everything you listen to is bubblegum pop, run away! Fast! If instead, you enjoy delving deep into leftfield territory and experimental bays, you are in the right place. John Carcer could be defined as a sonic explorer, a talented and unique creative crafting material that’s highly peculiar and avant-garde. 

We have already praised the project in a former article, describing Carcer as “navigating obscure, misty and gloomy musical territories, building his quirky and unique character on horrorcore arrangements and shoegaze tones”. We stand by our words: ‘brutalfantasy’ once again confirms all of that, although with a decisively mellower and more emotional outlook. 

Pausing chaotic and hyper-distorted tones, John Carcer focuses on a nuanced, lo-fi and fuzzy slow-moving soundscape, the perfect background for his raw, otherworldly vocals. Heaps of textures exchange discourse with Carcer’s lullaby-like lyricism, delving into “the fantasies we all have for the people we desire in life. Romanticizing a life with them on a beach to watching TV together”.

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