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GmBt Life Shares Celebratory Version of ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’

Often, art manifests itself through unconventional avenues. For GmBt Life, that meant building a powerfully fictional universe, where their identities and artistries blend together into a unique and kaleidoscopic musical offering. Only a year ago, the French-based trio was busy releasing their debut album ‘10 Minutes’, a ten-track journey into the group’s eclectic and visionary style. 

How would you even define it? We feel like GmBt Life’s music is not meant to be understood. Rather, it’s meant to be experienced. It flourishes in the emotional response generated by its listeners. Nostalgia, euphoria: it all exudes from the blend of organic and electronic elements so well put together by the French outfit. 

Formed by Aleksi Mäkelä, Timo Zwandun and Nabim Fieev, the group has a very international flair, meeting each other routinely to write new material. Those sessions have now blessed us with a fantastic cover of ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’, originally penned by legendary rock band Pixies. 

Released as a celebratory trophy for the album’s anniversary, this cover really hit the mark, taking the song to a whole new level of charisma and energy. Spoken words, soothing piano lines, dramatic strings, electronic beats: it all plays a part in making ‘Monkey Gone To Heaven’ a surprising version. 

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