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Tyrus Archer Share Visionary Album ‘RESURRECTION’

There’s an inherently unique quality in Tyrus Archer’s latest album, ‘RESURRECTION’. A visionary and talented rapper from Michigan, his artistic outlook is what you could describe as art-rap. Shying away from commercial tropes and genre clichés, Archer pursues lyrical purity and authenticity, often manifesting through slow-paced, charming vocal flow, drenched in personal experience and witty metaphors. 

Sonically, ‘RESURRECTION’ is not the hip-hop album you were expecting. You see, the Ann Arbor newcomer seems to be championing a rather old-school approach, in the sense that tracks don’t revolve around a single beat. Rather, they are sonic fragments sapiently assembled by Tyrus himself, creating the perfect framework for his charming, evocative rap flow. Inspired by the likes of Madlib, Archer is on to something relevant: could he give new life to the current hip-hop scene? We hope so.

When approaching ‘RESURRECTION’, the listening experience is quirky, yet worthy. Take for instance ‘CURANDANTE AND BADLANDS’: rapping on an Italian Opera sample, Tyrus Archer confirms his majestic artistic stature. ‘AMERICAN CLASSIC’ draws from retro-pop, layering the Ann Arbor resident’s vocals over a spacious, vaporwave-like instrumental. 

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