The Sacrificing Hands Pay Tribute to Mediaeval Battle in ‘Ghosts on Wigan Lane’

Emerging from Denver, The Sacrificing Hands is the artistic persona of Andrew Spencer, talented musician and producer with a knack for cinematic compositions. ‘Ghosts on Wigan Lane’ is the project’s latest effort, a long series of instrumental, ambient-like pieces that provides a fitting soundtrack for quite an original lyrical theme: a mediaeval battle in Wigan. 

There’s a certain aura of mysteries around the record, almost mythical, if you will. That’s what mainly draws us to it. It echoes a legendary atmosphere, perfectly fitting the events it tries to evoke. The music itself is a mix of influences, including Tangerine Dream, Hawkwind, Ulver, Coil, and early Genesis. The result is a sound that is both familiar and unique – atmospheric and moody, with a touch of darkness and mystery. Spencer’s use of different instruments and textures creates a rich and layered sound that strongly engages its audience.

Lyrically, ‘Ghosts on Wigan Lane’ is particularly intriguing. It references the Battle of Wigan Lane in 1651, in which the Royalists were defeated by the Parliamentarians. Spencer’s childhood memories of playing in the “bloody meadow” where the battle took place add a personal element to the song, allowing the listener to connect to it with religious acceptance. 

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