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Giovany Revelle Presents Hopeful Gem ‘Believe In’

We are pleased to welcome back Giovany Revelle to our publication. Featuring one of the project’s previous singles, ‘45’, earlier this year, we proudly declared: “Revelle’s controlled, evocative vocals paint a bleak lyrical scenario, ending the track with an honest, yet painful realization.” Now, the Chicago resident returns with yet another charming release, ‘Believe In’. The record shuffles the sonic and stylistic picture quite a lot, shifting into Soulful Pop territories with a touch of Americana and Folk. 

Built on a tapestry of elegant drums and tight organ chords, ‘Believe In’ flourishes further thanks to the addition of a stunning horn section, augmenting the retro charge already contained in the song. Revelle’s vocals feel lighter this time, sharing an overwhelming feeling of hopefulness and excitement, perhaps with a veiled sense of nostalgia thrown into the mix. 

Lyrically, the record was inspired by a trip to Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, as Giovany reiterates in the song: “We’ll drive for miles just to grab a piece of history, we’ll walk the ancient ruins get a sense of you and me.” This very same experience will go on to shape the music video attached to the single. 

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