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John Laprade Reveals Heartfelt and Nostalgic EP ‘Giving up the Ghost’

Boasting a long and successful career in music, John Laprade returns to the headlines with a brand new EP, ‘Giving up the Ghost’. Channelling the best folk and rock influences, the American talent seems determined to pursue his own artistic path, especially after a recent move from New York to Nashville. It is this life-changing event that greatly informs the record, perhaps closing a chapter before opening another. 

A founding member of the NYC power pop outfit Astro Chicken, Laprade released his first solo effort in 2011, featuring the legendary guitarist Richard Lloyd. ‘Giving up the Ghost’ marks the return to his solo endeavour, produced, recorded, and mixed by Chris Cubeta and Gary Atturio. 

In late 2021, Laprade relocated to Nashville, where he has been living, writing, and playing shows. Needless to say, ‘Giving up the Ghost’ is a direct product of that experience, and perhaps a way to celebrate change. As described by John: “it became too prohibitive to survive as an artist. It’s kind of a break-up album of sorts, if it is possible to break-up with a place. I’ve since moved to Nashville where it is not impossible to live and create in a place surrounded by inspiring musicians and songwriters.”

Introduced by Landlocked Lighthouse, the EP builds on acoustic vibes and punchy, organic drums, providing nostalgic tones and a melancholic outlook. Laprade’s intimate yet evocative vocals serve the track perfectly. ‘It’s Alright’ raises the stakes with more airy and fierce sonic matter. Title track ‘Giving up the Ghost’ features energy and fast-paced guitars, providing a nice change of pace to the whole record. At this point, the listener will feel included in John’s personal experiences, exploring the challenges and doubts that life often presents. ‘Angie’s Got a Way’ and ‘Cardboard Boxes’ bring the EP to a close in classic fashion, even raising a little teary action in the end: we are witnessing the end of an era, the end of a glorious period in a talented artist’s career. 

To greater and brighter things! 

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