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Louis Fenton Shares Anthemic Single ‘Falling for You’

A powerful, charismatic anthem, ‘Falling for You’ is the type of colossal record that tends to hang around for decades to come. Taking a page out of Britain’s infectious indie-rock scene, talented newcomer Louis Fenton crafts an empowering, fierce and expressive gem with immense potential, especially when it comes to the track’s “big arena” factor. Catchy and memorable, ‘Falling for You’ sounds like it could be played at the end of a set in Glastonbury, rallying the crowd into a cathartic, free-form collective celebration. 

Already championed by a plethora of music media, such as BBC Introducing and Future Hits Radio, Fenton has been developing into a best-kept-secret around the emerging music circuit. Thing is, this secret is now out! It won’t take long before the wider music industry takes notes, and frankly, Louis deserves a bigger audience, seeing how good his music is. 

Lyrically, ‘Falling for You’ delves into broken hearts and romantic delusion, shining a light on the hardship around dealing with rejection and unreciprocated love; all while keeping a playful outlook. As Fenton explains: “Falling for you is a sad song disguised as a happy one or at least that’s how I feel”.

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