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10 Billion Lost Unveil Slow-Burn Piece ‘Gave up on Me’

Truly evocative and intense, ‘Gave up on Me’ is exactly the type of gloomy and poignant synthwave we appreciate the most. Moving along a smokey and dark arpeggiated bass, the track makes ample use of 80s tone and punchy drum machines, building a night-fuelled sonic picture that’s incredibly vivid and vibrant. 10 Billion Lost’s luscious and nuanced vocals complete a stunning arrangement. 

Hailing from Portugal, the talented duo continues their journey into nostalgic synth-pop. If their debut effort ‘Killer on the Run’ was a fast-paced anthem, ‘Gave Up on Me’ sees the Lisbon-based outfit delve into authentic 80s-like stylings, perhaps looking for a more atmospheric and dreamy result. Safe to say, they manage to do exactly that: the single is wholesome, meaningful and emotional. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the record, 10 Billion Lost explain: “‘Gave Up on Me’ is a dialogue between past selves and newfound strength, a soundtrack for those solitary walks under flickering streetlights.” Such a quirky and dark-tinged theme is a perfect fit for the slow-burn, textural production. 

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