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Evelyn Bates and Elena Kopteva Shares ‘Fragile (cello arrangement)’

I wrote kind words for Evelyn Bates not long ago, when I praised her musical effort as “more of an aural experience, the chance to collect one’s thoughts and jump into the deepest corner of our collective consciousness”. It might look like a flashy collection of words, but it truly resembles the feeling of listening to Bates’ classical and abstract material, highlighting her quality as a composer and boundary-breaking creative. 

Now, the London-based musician returns with a piece that’s extremely poignant and nostalgic, a slice of pure emotional energy delivered through a nuanced arrangement featuring a piano and three cellos. Quite short – just over a minute long – ‘Fragile (cello arrangement)’ completely captures the listeners’ attention, wrapping them in intense melancholia and cathartic vibrancy. 

Penned by Evelyn Bates with the help of fellow musician Elena Kopteva, the track is especially meaningful for Bates, declaring: “This is a composition I wrote about mental health”. Overall, there’s one more reason to delve into Evelyn’s nuanced artistic universe – you won’t regret it!

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