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Experimental Duo hangtime Shares Powerful EP ‘lights out’

Championing quite an obscure and mysterious identity, hangtime delivers sonic material drenched in industrial and noisy influences, boasting saturated electronica as the epitome of their sound. A visionary duo from the US, hangtime has recently unveiled their latest effort, a three-track EP that sounds as creepy as it is energetic. ‘lights out’ truly hits the mark, seamlessly blending industrial elements with electronic textures and dance-powered beats. There’s a certain eclecticism to the record: from the club vibes of ‘imadeit’ to the title-track distorted soundscapes, passing through more conventional electronica in ‘pwn-age’. 

The common denominator is the EP’s punch, screaming in the listener’s face all the way through: “you are not at home, this is not a reality you know – yet”. The only thing left is to sit down and enjoy the journey, wherever it might take you, guided by hangtime’s mastery in sound manipulation and unconventional compositions.  

We are impressed with the duo’s approach to music; each track seems to drive into peculiar sonic territories, exploring the project’s depth and creative vision. A must-listen for fans of industrial, electronic and experimental. 

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