Claire Bigley Shares Poignant Piano Piece ‘Immersion’

There’s something highly cathartic and celebrative in ‘Immersion’. Drenched in soothing, gentle and slow-moving piano melodies, the piece flourishes in poignancy and melancholia, also blessed by modulating soundscapes, adding to the textural identity of the track. Penned by Claire Bigley, the record is further proof of the heightened musicianship enjoyed by the New Orleans creative. It could be a cinematic soundtrack if it wanted to: such a majestic piece truly deserves to be heard by a larger audience. 

A talented pianist, Bigley navigates the border between neo-classical and pseudo-pop, delivering compositions that feels complex and nuanced, while remaining relatable and friendly. ‘Immersion’ was recorded in her home studio, using Garage Band and a keyboard: a sign you don’t need expensive gear to make a great record. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Bigley explains: “This track is especially dear to me. Recorded during a time of great stress and intensity, I was compelled to play and create a song that musically communicated all the different and sometimes conflicting emotions I was feeling and forced to experience. As is so often the case, by the end of Immersion I feel calmed and nourished.”

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