Unca John Shares Motivating Gem ‘How the Hell?’

This is a pretty unique story, in the sense that showcases the universality of music, and its role as an important expressive output. Unca John knows it well. A middle-aged economics professor turned musician, he defies expectations with a strong debut single, ‘How the Hell?’, a folk and pop-powered gem showcasing Unca John’s unique musical style, framed between uplifting and energetic and nuanced lyricism.

The American talent is also not your typical singer, being first and foremost a gifted musician, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Having delved into jazz and big bands for most of his life, Unca John now shuffles the cards with more contemporary material, taking his artistry to an even higher level. Songwriting-wise, that’s where things get interesting, with ‘How the Hell?’ able to be catchy and provocative and the same time. 

Lyrically, the single showcases John’s talent for crafting nuanced and introspective storytelling. ‘How the Hell?’ explores the complexities of life, seeking to motivate listeners in pursuing their goals before it’s too late. 

This a stunning record from a clearly inspired creative – stay tuned for more material expected later this year. 

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