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AKS Shares Charming Anthem ‘Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle)’

I have enjoyed listening to ‘Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle)’. Penned by British rapper and wordsmith AKS, the track is surprisingly charming and evocative, particularly showcasing his intricate and malleable flow, constantly jumping from witty rhymes to hard-hitting imagery, while delivering lines with the utmost confidence. Impressive! 

Gearing up for an upcoming record, ‘As Plane As Day: Departures & Arrivals’, AKS seems to have found his best lyrical form, focusing on empowering the listeners to believe in themselves, day after day. Showing up, doing the work, and reaping the rewards. That’s a message we can get behind, and perhaps one that explains how AKS got so good at what he does. 

He’s no industry plant; the talent we are all seeing was forged through hard work and dedication. ‘Let Me Explain (Wordplay Freestyle)’ is the strongest evidence of that, a groovy and vibrant hip-hop gem with AKS’ stunning flow on it. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a very creative and striking lyric video attached to the record. 

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