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Energy Whores Take a Stance against Gun Violence on ‘Den Of Sins’

The keen reader might remember eclectic duo Energy Whores, thanks to a recent feature we did for them on our pages. At the time, we were celebrating ‘Freedom Fadeaway’, a charming track we proudly described as “Synthy electro-pop gets interwoven with a quirky but also punky attitude, to create a sound that’s hard to pin down”. Now, the New York City duo returns with their latest offering, ‘Den Of Sins’. In contrast to the previous single, the new record focuses on mellower, wide territories, although still supercharged by the group’s kaleidoscopic blend of acoustic instruments and electronica elements. 

Introduced by a rather simple piano and a sea of vocal harmonies, ‘Den Of Sins’ soon makes its way through icy and lean drum machines, busy bass guitars and bell-like keyboard sounds. To crown it all, light and airy vocals, courtesy of singer and songwriter Carrie Schoenfeld. Guitarist Attilio Valenti completes the talented line-up.  

While the sonic matter is of the highest value, ‘Den Of Sins’ really shines in its lyricism. The record is in fact a passionate call for action against gun violence. It is about the need for gun laws, to protect innocent people from being killed by assault rifles or any other gun that should not be in the hands of mentally disturbed or violent criminals. 

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