Boot Explores Familial Issues in ‘Delusional’

Emerging from Cornwall, Boot is not your typical rapper; leaving genre tropes and clichés behind, he focuses on material that’s inherently personal, introspective, and relatable. An expert producer and lyricist, the British talent borrows from a plethora of influences to build a style that mirrors his own authentic self: for instance, by layering bouncy beats against an icy, lo-fi-inspired guitar riff, resembling a timbre that would perfectly be at home in hyper-pop territories. 

‘Delusional’ is the project’s latest effort, a passionate message to Boot’s older sister with whom he no longer talks due to her behaviour. The track is a heartfelt plea, urging his sister to break free from her delusions and embrace reality. Boot’s raw and emotive delivery will surely strike a chord with anyone who has ever struggled with familial issues.

Boot’s main genre was Lo-Fi, but he found his love for underground hip-hop during a time when he faced a lot of mental health issues. It was inspiring to him to find musical art that held the same energy and emotions as heavy metal but with a completely different vibe. ‘Delusional’ showcases Boot’s ability to blend different genres, creating a unique and captivating sound.

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