vante Shares Introspective EP ‘sorry for the wait’

Often, music is a personal matter, an outlet for personal expression. vante knows it well, crafting a stunning hip-hop EP – ‘sorry for the wait’ – that greatly connects to his life journey. Drawing inspiration from the past few challenging years, the American rapper delves into personal experience, taking the listener into his own view of relationships and human behaviours, from the excitement of new love to the pain of heartbreak. 

Emerging from Aurora, CO, vante seems to have all the right cards to make a difference. His young age also helps him connect with a generation that has lived the pandemic with a dystopic outlook, dealing with early adulthood angst in the middle of lockdowns. Perhaps that’s what motivates him to open his lyrical universe for the listeners: the need to connect on a deeper level. 

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Drake, Bryson Tiller, Brent Faiyaz and Frank Ocean, among others, Vante packs quite a punch through the five tracks compiling ‘sorry for the wait’. The production is light, yet intense and full of textures. The perfect setting for vante’s introspective and relatable flow.

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