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Energy Whores Continue to Push Boundaries on ‘Freedom Fadeaway’

Carrie Schoenfeld and Attilo Valenti make up the genre-bending New York City duo Energy Whores. The group has been rather prolific since their debut single ‘No Angel’ was released in 2021, and in February of this year, they released a tune called ‘Freedom Fadeaway’ that I simply cannot get out of my head! Perfectly described as “political rock for the dance floor,” it’s a track that serves as an excellent example of just what Energy Whores are all about. Synthy electro-pop gets interwoven with a quirky but also punky attitude to create a sound that’s hard to pin down – but is becoming more and more of a signature of the duo which each new release.

Known for their brutally honest and impactful lyrics, Energy Whores have found a way to perfectly juxtapose their messages with seriously danceable and incredibly catchy soundscapes. They force the listener to stop, think, and question, but in the most infectious of manners.

‘Freedom Fadeaway’ is truly unlike anything I’ve heard before. I can’t compare the duo to anybody else, and I think there’s something extremely exciting about that! Energy Whores have another new song out called ‘Dens of Sins’, so please excuse me while I go and give it a jam! 

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Freedom Fadeaway’ on Spotify now:


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