Ender Bowen Returns with Compilation Album ‘No Shortage of Good Ideas’

Back in 2021, we came across Ender Bowen for the first time, with the Nashville-based creative unveiling quite an eclectic album, ‘The Art of Tactiful Procrastination’. Balancing gritty electronica and alt-flavoured rock elements, the record was an impressive offering, showcasing the talented newcomer’s compositional abilities. Now, Bowen returns with another full-length record, ‘No Shortage of Good Ideas’. In it, the project seeks to shed further light on Bowen’s artistry, doing so by collecting leftover tracks and b-side remixes from past releases. 

It’s another deep dive into Ender’s personal artistic universe, with the added bonus of discovering pieces that seem to deviate from his usual stylings. Take ‘Someday Soon (Good Idea Mix), a bright, pop-filled gem that allows us to focus on his vocals, so charming and evocative. Electronica has its own fair share of opportunity too. ‘Rainfall’ is an ethereal, ambient-flavoured number, really helping the casual listener sympathize with Bowen’s alternative formulas. 

Notably, a few of the tracks in ‘No Shortage of Good Ideas’ were originally made almost 20 years ago. There really hasn’t been a shortage of good ideas, it would look like! The record takes listeners on a journey through Bowen’s strange and interesting experiences while making the album, from rubbing shoulders with Jack White to selling spa parts, even driving Uber all night long for weeks at a time. Not just a collection of leftovers, but a testament to Ender Bowen’s creative talent and perseverance.

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