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Matt Saxton Returns with Dreamy and Immersive Gem ‘Freedom’

We were lucky enough to write about Matt Saxton only last year, highlighting the release of ‘It’s Only Now That I Know’, an EP we proudly declared: “a product that feels honest, heartfelt, and well-crafted”. There was something quite special in it, which to this day is hard to pinpoint. If we had to name it, we’d say it all comes down to Saxton’s vocals, filled with gravitas and charm, able to grab the listeners by the head, taking them onto a nostalgic and poignant musical journey. A worthy listen – but you should know that already. 

Now, Saxton jumps in 2023 with a brand new offering, ‘Freedom’. In it, the East Sussex-based creative shuffles the cards quite a fair bit, leaving soothing folk tones behind in favour of a more upbeat and edgy production. Courtesy of electronic music artist and producer Rogue VHS, ‘Freedom’ employs a breakbeat, trio-hop-flavoured beat, layered with a cinematic grand piano and ethereal textures. The result is a pretty immersive listening experience, allowing us to get a glimpse of Saxton’s musicianship in such diverse settings. 

His vocals feel lighter, more dynamic and empowering, an interesting change for Saxton. ‘Freedom’ is a constant flow of hopeful and uplifting sonic material, perfectly pairing with the lyricism behind it. An ode to freedom and escapism, the track “is about the desire to escape oneself, even for a short time, while under the pain and stress of depression” – as Matt explains. 

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