Sugar Nova Returns with Stunning Electro-Pop Album ‘Halogen’

We first got to know Sugar Nova a few months ago, with ‘Tiny Helicopters’. It was instantly clear how the American duo was a musical package full of talent and songwriting prowess. Now, the pair have unveiled their debut album, ‘Halogen’, crowning a journey that started last year, taking the project from zero to a solid reality in the contemporary industry landscapes. 

What can you expect from ‘Halogen’? First of all, there’s a certain eclecticism, especially regarding the many sonic references: from the disco-flavoured grooves of ‘Send Me Higher’ to the soul, electronica and trip-hop vibes of ‘Body Is a Cage’, passing through the classic synth-pop of ‘Finish What You Started’: there’s something for everyone in the record, showcasing Sugar Nova’s nuanced and charming take on pop music. 

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