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Emma Tea Unveils Meaningful EP ‘Storms on Seas’

A  nuanced, emotional slice of pop softness, ‘Storms on Seas’ is a joy to listen to. Built over a stunning production (curated by Jennings Couch), the record flourishes over long textures, cinematic energy and veiled alt-pop styling; the perfect environment for Emma Tea’s evocative and elegant vocals, gently yet fiercely guiding the listener through a soothing, transformative listening experience – one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. 

Yes, we are that bullish about the song. Frankly, it’s just a really good record, also functioning as the last piece of the puzzle for an EP of the same name, together with three previously released singles (‘Patterns’, ‘Radio Stop Working’ and ‘Aphelia’). Lyrically, ‘Storms on Seas’ draws on personal experience, exploring the selflessness that’s often required in a romantic relationship; all delivered with light nostalgia and unwavering gravitas. 

As Emma Tea explains: “It’s been a long time coming and a song I’ve wanted to release for a while! It’s about a time in my life when I was dating someone who had to go away for a long while. I chose to stay with them even though the distance would hurt. I knew they needed to do this for them, so it’s about loving someone enough to allow them to leave to fulfil what they need to do, even if you want them to stay”

For all of you based in London, Emma Tea is performing on March 26th at The Victoria, Dalston.

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