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Fredrika Rei Shares Stunning EP ‘less depression, more dancing’

‘less depression, more dancing’ is a fitting mantra for our complex modern times. It’s also Fredrika Rei’s latest EP, a collection of bright, playful and charming pieces with a keen eye for electronic pop and mainstream vibes. Opening with ‘So it Goes’, the record presents a mixture of alternative and commercial, with the more edgy side of it found in its kaleidoscopic production. Rei’s vocals are immensely charming and enchanting, managing to stay elegant even in fiercer and ethereal environments. 

‘Magic’ enlists the help of James Wilson, birthing a groovy, hip-hop-flavoured collaboration, quite minimal and spontaneous. ‘Sparkle Sparkle Little Star’ takes it back to more nuanced territories, building a ballad packed with textures and fragile ambient sounds. This is where we find Fredrika’s more interesting side, showcasing her abilities to organize intricate, rich songwriting along a spiderweb of leftfield artistry. 

‘The Human Experience’ and ‘think about’ take the EP to an end in classic pop fashion. Having self-produced and written the EP, Fredrika Rei explains: “Every one of these songs represents a step forward for me as a songwriter and producer, with some amazing collabs that I’m so very happy about. It’s pop that goes in different directions and that hopefully makes you dance and brings you joy as it has for me”.

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