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Queen Cult Return with Fierce Single ‘Be Better’

Raising the slay factor to a hundred, English newcomers Queen Cult inaugurate the new year with a hard-hitting and fierce indie anthem, ‘Be Better’. Built over furious and rebellious alt-rock stylings, the single features a certain punk flavouring to it, a sign that the British group likes to bathe in eclecticism, looking at their artistry through wide cultural lenses. 

Proudly Queer, Queen Cult are a refreshing sight in the contemporary rock scene, certainly a force for good. Judging by what we hear in ‘Be Better’, they have it all; instrumental prowess, songwriting honesty, and a bold and interesting visual aesthetic. An explosive formula which will certainly pay off; in fact, they are set to soon embark on a UK tour supporting Fort Hope. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Be Better’, Maisie Johnson – the band’s vocalist and guitarist – explains: “Be Better is about the love between two friends. The realisation that platonic love can overlap and be confusing at times. Love is not linear. The song highlights the need for boundaries. We can all innocently fancy people we love, but must be careful how we navigate it.”

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