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Emma Forgette Delivers Heartfelt and Poignant New Tune ‘Somebody’s Somebody’

Released just five days ago, ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ is an exceptional new offering from emerging Florida-based indie country artist Emma Forgette. As her third single to date, it showcases a seriously talented musician whose musical career is poised for remarkable success. Exploring the inherent value of every individual, Emma poignantly reminds us that everyone means something to someone.

With just an acoustic guitar, sparse keys, and her smooth and angelic vocals, Forgette concocts a bold and heartfelt tune that hits you right in the feels with raw and genuine emotion. Straight from the heart, her tender delivery brings the song’s message to life, drawing the listener in with every word and note.

Capturing the very essence of empathy and understanding, ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ urges us to leave prejudices at the door and embrace a return to compassionate humanity. Cutting across all boundaries and making us aware of our interconnectedness, it’s more than just a track, it’s an anthem for unity and mutual respect in a divided world.

With three outstanding tunes already under her belt, we can’t wait to follow Emma’s musical journey and see what she has next up her sleeve. Here’s to many more!

Songwriters: Jan Buckingham, Kelly Ann Carvin, Troy Thomas Walls

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Somebody’s Somebody’ on Spotify now:


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