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Eclectic Duo 4vr Share Latest Effort ‘Cherry (U&I)’

An incredibly contemporary offering, ‘Cherry (U&I)’ navigates the freshest house and garage stylings with a strong vocal component. Teaming up with fellow creative and producer 7minutes2LA, Philadelphia-based duo 4vr pen a true banger, showcasing their malleable vocal qualities perfectly coming together into an impressive female/male dualism. 

In ‘Cherry (U&I)’, such a dualism takes life between verses and choruses, with melodic, evocative hooks and drier, malleable verses. The result is a record that’s equally at home in dark clubs and day-time radio stations, something that will help in taking the track to a wider audience. 

Reiterating the poignant and meaningful lyricism behind such a dancy jewel, the American duo explains: “The song’s refrain – “you and I,’ – repeats like a whispered promise, hinting at a connection left unfulfilled. It explores the frustration of chasing someone who keeps you at arm’s length”.

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