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Elohyek Anticipates Upcoming Album ‘Evergreen Motel’

We have featured quite a few acts from Charleston, South Carolina over the year. The American port city seems to be a productive corner of creativity, especially when it comes to rock bands. Take for instance Elohyek: a collaborative project founded by songwriter and producer Matt ‘Maku’ Hancock. Calling his endeavour a collective, the talented musician is gearing up for an album release, expected later this year. In the meantime though, we get a taste of what Elohyek will be, thanks to the brand new single ‘What’s the Use?’. 

Sonically, we are in art-rock, lightly post-punk territories. Channelling a wide plethora of influences, from blues rock to psych tones, the record builds quiet and understated groovy territories, before jumping into noisier and more distorted avenues towards the ending. To crown it all, we find Hancock’s vocals, finding their own space into the gooey, melty and irresistible sound matter. 

If the track is anything to go by, we are in for a treat. ‘Evergreen Motel’ – the LP Elohyek is preparing to share with the world – is bound to be an interesting and game-changing record, especially over its staggering 13 tracks. Presented as “a textural expedition that meshes the mellow vibes of Trip-Hop, the impact of alternative rock, and, at times, the grit of industrial rock” – what more could you ever want? 

Stay tuned! Discover Elohyek on Spotify: 


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