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Discover The Marsh Family and their Uplifting Gem ‘My Storybook’

Discovering The Marsh Family was an unexpected surprise. Turns out, they are a real family, singing and performing together uplifting and bright tunes. Honestly, they will bring a smile to your face, and perhaps some much-needed solace, especially in those troubled times. ‘My Storybook’ is the family’s latest effort, a pop-folk nostalgic gem showcasing the full range of The Marsh’s vocals. In it, the listener will find a celebration of companionship, shared memories, and the simple things that bring us all together. Written to mark a special golden wedding anniversary, this song is a unique combination of ukulele, acoustic guitars, and rich harmonies, crowned by a soul-stirring and feet-moving chorus. 

Made up of parents Ben and Danielle Marsh and their four children, the multi-instrumentalist family is an embodiment of versatility, earthiness, and independence. From musicals to folk, Motown, and funk, their dynamic range of styles and sounds has brought joy and smiles to millions of people around the world. 

Naturally, such a talented musical outfit would attract the attention of global media: championed by the likes of BBC, Jimmy Kimmel Live and OK! Magazine, The Marsh Family is slowly becoming a musical phenomenon, managing though to always maintain their soulful, authentic and honest spirit, reflected by songs and tunes that are a welcome offering in a complex and artificial industry. 

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