Mimi Pretend Shares Personal Anthem ‘Hateful’

The latest in a talented and visionary wave of pop innovators to emerge from Los Angeles, Mimi Pretend’s style could be defined as ethereal and dreamy, blinking an eye towards shoegaze influences and the haziest indie pop. ‘Hateful’ is the biggest evidence of that: Pretend’s latest effort, the track delivers a stunning listening experience, drawing a personal and authentic sonic environment where Mimi’s vocals are able to truly flourish in all their epicness and unconventional character. The song is also the second single taken from the project’s upcoming EP ‘Sick Eros’. 

Originally debuting in 2020, Mimi Pretend has been busy bettering her musical prowess at the California Institute of the Arts, an endeavour that helped grow her lyrical voice and artistic identity. Evolving from a ‘sad girl narrative’ to more complex and nuanced storytelling, she’s proven to be worthy of industry attention. 

Of course, ‘Hateful’ still revolves around Pretend’s personal experience, more specifically a heartbreak. But it does so with newly-found consciousness, knowing that eventually, we’ll deal with it, and reflect on it in ways we couldn’t understand before. Perhaps, it’s the musical equivalent of the personal growth Mimi has endured over the last few years. As such, it’s even more of a precious gem: a true artistic statement. 

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