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Electric High Shares Charming Single ‘Crooks’

The keen reader might remember reading about Electric High in our publication, earlier this year. In fact, we gloriously described them as “a welcome reminder that rock isn’t dead, after all.” At the time, we were proudly championing ‘Seven Wonders’. Now, the Norwegian rockers are back with a brand new effort, ‘Crooks’, a record that confirms the hard-hitting punch and fierce, rebellious guitar prowess they have to offer. 

As always, Electric High have a sort of nuanced charisma that places itself in between sleazy euphoria and understated mystery. They do embody the classic rock’n’roll attitude, while also being more eclectic in their references (for example with harmonicas and vocal harmonies). The result is material that feels friendly and accessible but also intense and hypnotising. That’s what ‘Crooks’ stands for. 

Delving into the inspiration behind the track’s lyricism, the Bergen-based outfit explains how it stems from a real-life experience involving their bass player, Einride Torvik. After having befriended a mafia-related Russian guy in Vilnius, he gets mistakenly arrested by the Police. Once released, Einride finds out the Russian friend has robbed his apartment. Could be a movie, in fact! 

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