Eleri Angharad Returns With Country-Pop Banger ‘Snake Like You’

Boasting strong lyricism and stunning vocals, Welsh songstress Eleri Angharad has spent the last few years crafting a personal brand of Country music, often infused with pop and electronic influences. The result is highly relatable material, featuring a modern sonic outlook that invites listeners in instantly. The industry – of course – took note. Catching the attention of a plethora of BBC outlets as well as a number of big Country festivals, Angharad’s project is now a reality. A reality with more than half a million streams on Spotify alone.  

Following up from last year’s EPs ‘Nightclub Floor’ and ‘A Merry Eleri Christmas’, the British talent returns from a short hiatus with a punchy, charismatic banger, ‘Snake Like You’. This time, she’s joined by fellow Welsh creative Millie Blooms, helping give the record a catchy, poppier identity. 

We are appreciating the slide guitar in the choruses, opening up the song to a definite resolution, after more controlled, neutral verses. What’s to note here, is Eleri Angharad’s precise and controlled vocals, sharing a powerful yet poignant tone that’s an absolute joy to listen to. If the single is anything to go by, we are expecting big things from the Welsh artist in the future.

Lyrically, the track is a fierce and unapologetic comeback to scammers and over-promises. As Angharad explains: “I get constantly bombarded with messages from fake companies promising success. Whether it be millions of streams, followers, publishing contracts, or gig offers that when you delve deeper are either bot-generated or just rip you off”. 

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