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Discover Staytus’ Haunting Nu-Goth Aesthetic

One thing we have learnt during our quest for music discovery is that you’ll always come across peculiar, unheard-before material. When that happens, your artistic horizons widen, and you are suddenly able to comprehend more than you used to. That is exactly our reaction to Staytus’ debut album, ‘Disease of the Mind’. Emerging from the desolated state of Arizona, US, her music kinda follows the same vibe. It’s tough, challenging stuff, for the few. Nevertheless, listening to Staytus is a journey worth having. And we will! 

Describing her music as nu-goth, the talented artist explains: “It borrows elements from industrial rock and grunge rock. It’s a journey that takes you into the mind of somebody struggling with mental illness.” It is not hard to observe what she’s referring to. Listening to ‘Disease of the Mind’, we are instantly met with a wall of fuzzy, distorted material. Guitars and synthesisers are all torn apart by Staytus’ blessed artistic fury, then laid upon fictional metal beats. The young American boasts charming, haunting vocals, delivering spooky lyricism with low tones, screams, and long, sustained notes. 

What’s more, Staytus assumed full artistic ownership of the record. Her production skills are admirable: having worked on them for the past few years, she’s now able to craft a personal universe of nuanced sonic goodness, perfectly resembling her internal struggles. Blending a plethora of influences and genres, we are treated to an album that goes from grungey, alt-rock energy to dark trip-hop, and electronic nostalgia. 

Not a record for everyone. But if you are willing to put in the work, you’ll appreciate the convoluted and refined artistry the Arizonian has to offer. We’ll be remembering Staytus for days to come. 

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