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Elad David Shares Acoustic Gem ‘TEARDROPS’

While often we look for words and lyrical meaning, it’s also true that most of the emotional charge in music is delivered by notes themselves – essentially, sound frequencies that when assembled together are able to evoke a particular feeling or state of mind. That’s why we love an instrumental piece. Take for instance Elad David’s latest effort. The Israeli guitarist and composer is back on our pages with a particularly sensible and friendly offering, an acoustic piece that greatly highlights his musicianship qualities. 

‘TEARDROPS’ is exactly that – but also more. You see, after having travelled through dark and complex pieces in ‘The Big Picture’, David seems motivated to take a step back, letting simplicity and cinematic energy take the front seat. The single is the direct result of that thought process: around a gentle fingerstyle acoustic guitar, Elad manages to build an ethereal and enchanting sonic offering, featuring tribal percussions and flute-like tones. 

It makes us feel at peace with ourselves. Such a luscious and welcoming tune. As David explains: “The piece was probably originally written out of some sadness, but when I listen to it now it’s definitely much more joyful and inspiring. I hope the listeners will feel the same way.”

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