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Atari Pilot Motivates the Listener in ‘Train Of Life’

What do you look for in a new band? Well – hard to say. It perhaps depends on the genre, but we are inclined to look for signs of uniqueness, artistic integrity, and uplifting drive. After all, we should feel excited when discovering a new act – sort of that troubling feeling that everyone feels just before a first date. When it comes to Atari Pilot – up-and-coming indie outfit from Swindon – the excitement was there, it was real. ‘Train of Life’ is their latest effort, an equal blend between guitar shenanigans and pop-flavoured lyricism. 

Sharing a certain fuzziness in its sonic imprint, ‘Train Of Life’ works wonders in showcasing the songwriting force the group has to offer. Perhaps echoing the same evocative vocal tone as legendary British icons U2, Atari Pilot likes to keep it simple, musically speaking, layering steady drums against a backdrop of electronic textures and wide guitars. 

The results are absolutely stunning, allowing the listener to truly connect with what the band has to offer. Lyrically, ‘Train Of Life’ focuses on the challenging actions around keeping drive and motivation in one’s life. If you are in need of some sort of solace, or just an antidote against doubts – this is the record for you. 

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